2020 The 18th CIE/SEA APA Youth Scholarship Award Recipients

CIE/USA -Seattle congratulates the following students on being selected to receive the 2020 The 18th CIE/USA- Seattle APA Youth Scholarship. The object of the scholarship is to promote careerinterests of Asian Pacific American (APA) youth in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as well as to encourage their continued contributions to our community and society, CIE/USA-Seattle chapter organizes scholarship opportunity annually. We have a lot of exceptional applicants. While we congratulate all the recipients, we also would like to congratulate all the applicants for all their exceptional achievements and please keep up all the good works!

Scholarship Award Recipients

— CIE Scholarship Award —

[7th to 9th graders]

•Eric An

[10th to 12th graders]

•Christopher Nguyen
•Gloria Shen
•Jinyang Zhang

[Undergraduate Students]

•Samirah Apdalhaliem
•Amanda Ong
•Kristin Yao

— CIE Special Award —

[Community Service Award]

•Toan Huynh
•Chloe Sow
•Cathy Zhao

[Extracurricular Excellence Award]

•Cam Che
•Kandyce Diep
•Brianna Ong

2019 The 17th CIE/USA-SEA Scholarship Awardees

Scholarship Award

Yufan Mu
Freshman, University  of Washington

James Wu
Freshman at University of Washington Academy

Jevin Gu
Freshman, University of Washington

Ming Fong (12th)
Hazen High School

Lara Yao (11th)
Inglemoor High School

Ethan Hu (11th)
North Creek High School

Kelsey Sun (9th)
Juanita High School

Extracurricular Excellence Award

Cindy Su (10th)
Redmond High School

Karen Ma (12th)
Cleveland STEM High School

Community Service Award

Chloe Liu (12th)
Bellevue High School

Kandyce Diep (7th)
Kenmore Middle School

Ethan Diep (9th)
Inglemoor High School

2018 The 16th CIE/SEA Youth Scholarship Awardees 

Scholarship Award

Yifei Chen
University of Washington

Jacob Zhang (12th)
Interlake High School

Kenneth Ma (12th)
Redmond High School

Gloria Shi (12th)
Inglemoor High School

Henry Zhu (12th)
Newport High School

Kristin Yao (11th)
Inglemoor High School

Cindy Su (9th)
Redmond High School

Special Award

Academic Achievement Award

Corner Zhang (12th)
Garfield High School

Lara Yao (10th)
Inglemoor High School

Erik Ma (9th)
Interlake High School

Community Service Award

Joy Matsuoka (10th)
Olympia High School

Kolton Zeng (11th)
Tesla STEM High School

STEM Achievement Award

Ziqi Chen
University of Washington

Shaoqi Wang (11th)
Bellevue High School

Megan Liu (12th)
Interlake High School