2021 Asian American Luminary Awards Nomination Program

In every field of achievement, from science and technology to arts and athletics to business and politics, Asian Americans are to be found, loyal to this country, adding to its diversity, and contributing to its distinction. Like other Americans, they are proud of their ethnic heritage, guarantee America’s paramount position leading and innovating for the […]

Come and gain the education and skills for the 4th industrial revolution

About this Event Talk Abstract: Advances in information technologies and artificial intelligence are combining with advances in the biological sciences—including genetics, neuroscience, synthetic biology—as well as advances in the physical sciences to create breathtaking synergies, now recognized as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is the fusion of digital, physical and biological worlds. The Fourth Industrial […]

2020 The 18th CIE/SEA APA Youth Scholarship Application

1. Objective To promote career interests of Asian Pacific American (APA) youth in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as well as to encourage their continued contributions to our community and society, CIE/USA-Seattle chapter organizes scholarship opportunity annually. 2. Scholarship Award Categories a.       CIE Scholarship Award                    i.      […]